Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Attenborough Preparatory school is a co-educational school situated in the city of Nottingham in the Trent Valley. It is a private preparatory school with only about 80 students, between the ages of 4 and 11. The school has small size classrooms, but the quality of teaching is very well balanced, blending the traditional teaching approach with the modern designs. This preparatory school is unique in the fact that it has a very friendly and caring environment, with individual attention given to each and every student, and encouragement to bring out their talents, not only academically, but also in sports, creativity and personality development.

This preparatory school was first established in the year 1915 in a small village in Attenborough in Nottinghamshire. Currently it is owned by Mrs. Susan Mills and Mr. Robert Everest, who bought it in 2005. The Attenborough Preparatory school has different sections, like the Upper or Junior levels, and the Lower or Infant levels. The upper preparatory school has 3 classrooms, a cloakroom, and a playground, and was initially situated in the Village Institute. The lower preparatory school has 2 classrooms, 2 each of cloakrooms and toilets, one playground, plus a lovely grassed place. Both the levels are inside the Attenborough Conservation Village areas.

The Attenborough Preparatory school has many worthy aims that make it stand apart. Some of them are: a happy environment, educate children about courtesy, manners and considerations, ensure proper command over English – reading, writing and speaking, to develop a reading habit in the children, help the children develop mathematical abilities, to help children learn the art of musicians and other artists and understand them, etc.

The Attenborough Preparatory school has January 8th as the start of their academic season, and ends in March 14th. The summer term of the school begins on April 8th and ends on July 11th.

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